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Our  board-certified periodontist  performs the latest Laser Treatment for hopeless teeth that previously were considered  unsavable and had to be extracted. This procedure is called LANAP, which stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. Let me explain it to you in a simple way!

When our gums are inflamed and bleeding, it is due to bacterial colonization under the gum. They cause the gum to recede and to get detached from the tooth. Left untreated, the bone supporting the tooth slowly disintegrates thereby loosening the foundation of the tooth.

In addition to the teeth becoming loose because of the above, the bacteria causes gum bleeding, bad breath, and difficulty in chewing. This inflammation has been shown in recent research to have far-reaching systemic (rest of the body) negative consequences. Making this not only a tooth problem, but a general health problem.

That’s where LANAP comes in! During the LANAP procedure, the dentist uses a special laser. The laser is like a tiny, powerful flashlight. The dentist carefully moves the laser around our gums, and it helps to get rid of the bacteria and clean out the infected areas.

But that’s not all! The laser also helps the gums heal and attach back to the teeth. It’s like giving your gums a little push to get them back in the right place. This is important because when your gums are healthy and attached to our teeth, they can protect our teeth from more bacteria and infections.

It is the only proven method of actually stimulating new bone growth around the affected teeth and this is a HUGE ADVANCE in keeping one’s own teeth.

The best part about LANAP is that it’s less painful and has a faster recovery time compared to other procedures. It’s like a superhero laser that helps our gums get better without causing a lot of discomfort.

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