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When you need single tooth dental implants in the Brooklyn, NY area, there’s no better team to rely on than Beyond Dentistry Laser Center. While crowns and bridges are an excellent choice for some patients, we typically try to implement single tooth implants as much as possible. This way, we are replacing everything from the tooth to the roots. We customize the entire process to fit seamlessly with your smile, so no one will ever notice a faux tooth among your natural ones. Our seasoned team works with you every step of the way to ensure your smile goals are met, all while safeguarding your oral health. Please keep reading to learn more about our single tooth dental implants or call now to speak with one of our friendly office staff members.

Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

While losing an adult tooth may not seem like anything other than an aesthetic issue, it can have some severe effects on your well-being. Having a missing tooth replaced with a dental implant is crucial to maintaining your face’s shape, alignment of your other teeth, and overall health. Without all our teeth in place, the adjacent teeth will begin shifting towards the gap, which, in turn, destabilizes your bite and throws off normal functioning. We can deliver the dental implant solutions you need to fill gaps in your smile and safeguard your oral health.

The Single Implant Process Explained

The complete preparation, placement, and restoration that comes along with a brand-new, fully-functioning faux tooth does take some time. We want all our patients to know that this is not an overnight solution. Getting the perfect tooth replacement may take a little longer than other restorative dental solutions, but none have the same level of quality as a dental implant. The process is as follows:

Single Tooth Dental Implants in Brooklyn, NY
  1. Diagnostic Tests – Our team will determine if a single tooth dental implant would be the right choice for you and your oral health situation. We’ll make sure your bone quality, gum health, and surrounding anatomy are suitable to support an implant.
  2. Planning Single Tooth Implant Surgery – After getting a thorough understanding of your medical history and unique oral condition, we will begin devising a plan to achieve optimal aesthetics and function for your tooth replacement. We utilize computer imaging so you can see the expected results of your dental implant placement.
  3. Placing Your Dental Implant – We will go in and make a small incision in your gum where the implant will be placed. Since our advanced process does not require traumatic surgery, we are able to install the entire one-piece implant post immediately. This process provides an amazing benefit to our patients because they are able to walk out of our office with an implant and a tooth in an hour. The tradition method has an extraordinarily longer recovery time and patients will have a flipper instead of a stationary crown.
  4. Fitting Your Implant Crown – After the healing process is complete, your temporary tooth will be removed. Using your dental crown that has been custom crafted in a dental lab, our specialists will secure the faux tooth to the abutment attached to the dental implant. We will adjust the positioning for a seamless finish – you won’t even be able to tell it isn’t part of your natural smile!

Why Choose a Single Tooth Implant?

Before single tooth dental implants rose to popularity, more traditional methods were utilized. We offer advanced solutions because we believe treatments like partial dentures and dental bridges are outdated and no longer the most suitable option for most patients. For example, partial dentures are held in place by clasps connected to your existing teeth. This has been shown to weaken teeth significantly, and partial dentures will not deliver the comfort and functionality a single implant does. Furthermore, dental bridges are supported by surrounding natural teeth that need to be ground down and reshaped to be crowned. In contrast, single tooth implants are self-supporting and will not affect the integrity of the surrounding teeth. Better yet, placement is non-invasive, and you can count on implants to last for the long haul.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

If you are intrigued by the obvious benefits of a single tooth dental implant, be sure to reach out to our professional team today to request an appointment. With treatment being easy and having such a high success rate, it’s easy to see why so many patients have chosen to reach out to us for the aesthetic and oral health support they need. Call now to get started.

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