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Laser Dental Implants in Brooklyn, NY

In the late 20th century, lasers began making their way out of science fiction movies and into real life applications. Today, everything from welding and printing to complex medical and dental procedures utilize lasers in some capacity. If you’re considering dental implants for your tooth replacement needs, you’ll be happy to know that Beyond Dentistry Laser Center has the experience and the expertise to perform laser dental implant surgery. To schedule your tooth implant procedure, or to inquire about dental implant cost, call our dental clinic in Brooklyn, NY.

Learn the Benefits of Laser Dental Implant Treatment

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Which would you rather have working on your gums and jawbone in preparation for dental implants? A sharp scalpel and a noisy drill that leave your entire mouth throbbing and swollen after the anesthetic wears off? Or a precisely aimed beam of light that causes little to no bleeding, and barely registers on your pain radar? If option “B” is more to your liking, then laser dental implants are the answer to all your concerns about tooth replacement. Laser dental implants are the future of tooth replacement for many reasons, including:

  • Giving the dentist greater control than traditional dental surgery instruments
  • Minimal pain and discomfort for the patient; few, if any, need pain killers afterward
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling, requiring fewer post-op visits
  • Sensations of heat and vibration from dental drills is reduced or negated entirely
  • Less time needed to perform even multiple or whole-mouth tooth implants

If you’re wondering whether laser dental implants are all that they’re cracked up to be, the answer is “yes!” Call or visit Beyond Dentistry Laser Center to make an appointment for a consultation.

No need to sleep on it

In the past, people getting dental implants had to be fully sedated, or at the very least, given a strong local anesthesia, because preparing the area for the replacement teeth meant cutting and drilling. Laser dental implants take all this inconvenience and anxiety out of the equation! Unlike traditional oral surgery instruments, lasers do their work via a high-tech fiber-optic delivery system that prepares the gum for the dental implant with gentle pulses of focused light. Usually a mild local or oral anesthetic is all that’s needed to keep the patient perfectly comfortable and at ease, during the procedure, and afterward. This makes for little to no bleeding or swelling, which means you can get back to your normal routine in a matter of hours instead of days. To discuss the pros and cons of laser dental implants vs. traditional dental implants, or other tooth replacement options, call Beyond Dentistry Laser Center in Brooklyn, NY, today!

Easy parking for your peace of mind

Any New Yorker knows parking in Brooklyn, NY, can be a monumental exercise in frustration. That’s no way to set the tone for a dental procedure of any kind. At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center, we’ve thought of everything. For our patients who drive, we offer valet and concierge services. If you can’t find parking in our designated area, our professional team of valets will park your vehicle, and bring it back to you when your procedure is complete. Can any other laser dentistry center do all that for you? We doubt it. Call today for an appointment and get ready to experience the future of cosmetic dentistry!

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