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Dental Implants for Brooklyn, the U.S., and the World

Beyond Dentistry Laser Center provides dental implants to Brooklyn, NY residents, and individuals around the globe. We do so by going against the grain and thinking about implants in new ways. Traditionally, dental implants are a time-consuming and challenging process. From the first appointment to the day the dentist places the crown, patients endure three surgeries over 12 to 18 months. Their mouth, gums, and teeth swell and bruise, and the dentists prescribe addictive medications to handle the pain. Even worse, there’s a 38% chance the screws they use to secure the false tooth loosen, requiring an additional procedure. That just doesn’t make sense to us. Dr. Simon Kappel developed a cutting-edge approach to dental implants by embracing brand-new technologies and creating innovative approaches. Learn more about our process below.

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Our Simplified Approach Emphasizes Comfort and Success

At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center, we don’t believe the dental implant procedure should be a scalpel-happy affair. Implants are too important for patients to avoid because they don’t want to endure pain or a protracted process. We want every individual who misses a full mouth of teeth to have access to implants. And unfortunately, the traditional method – with its painful flap surgery, bone grafts, and inconvenient dentures – deters many people. Dr. Kappel’s process shortens the total time and reduces the harmful byproducts of the procedure – such as swelling and pain. While we will go over our procedure in-depth when we meet you, the process will look a lot like this:

  1. Extraction: Before we can place an implant, we must remove the former tooth’s root from the jawline. Traditional methods use traumatic techniques like cutting with scalpels. We use special electromagnetic instruments that separate the root without causing trauma to the bone around the tooth. No stitches or grafts required!
  2. X-Rays: We use three-dimensional x-rays to gain an accurate picture of your mouth before taking the next steps. By accepting the guidance these pictures provide, we eliminate some of the more painful and annoying steps associated with traditional dental implants. Then we make a tiny punch incision where we will install the implant. It won’t hurt or swell.
  3. Lasers: We use medical-grade laser technology at the surgical site to stimulate bone formation and reduce bleeding and swelling. Another benefit of using lasers throughout our dental implant procedure is their capability to destroy bacteria as they do their work. The lasers do not hurt or create any discomfort, which is more than you can say about traditional implant surgeries.
  4. Placement: Here’s where our process makes the difference. During traditional implant procedures, the patient must wait to recover from the intense, invasive surgery before the dentist can place the implant. Because we avoid trauma, our team can insert the entire one-piece implant post immediately—no more obnoxious flipper dentures or wait times. Instead, you’ll leave with a cemented acrylic stationary crown.
  5. Impressions: The crown will allow you to live normally while you wait for a regular porcelain crown. While there is a four-month wait time, that time is drastically less than the sometimes year-long traditional process. Once the four months are up, we take impressions for the permanent crown.
  6. Installation: After four months, minimal pain or swelling, and no invasive procedures, we’re ready to cement your new porcelain crown, thereby finalizing the implant procedure. On the whole, patients who visit Beyond Dentistry Laser Center experience far less irritation, annoyance, and pain than those who go elsewhere. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment today.

Trust Our Experience, Expertise, and Certifications

We’re proud to be on the cutting-edge without cutting, slicing, or dicing. Too many dentists cling to old ways of doing things, which is not good enough for us. Dr. Kappel remains committed to finding new ways to serve his patients. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). His membership in these organizations and his extensive education secure his place as a leader in implant dentistry.

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