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Dr. Kappel Brings Porcelain Veneers to Beyond Dentistry

We have all seen those gorgeous million-dollar smiles on celebrities and public figures. They look dazzling, exude self-confidence, and showcased as the pinnacle of health for the public eye. In case you did not know it until now, those smiles show off what a gifted cosmetic dentist can do for a patient. Many have porcelain veneers artistically placed on their natural teeth. As a member of the prestigious American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. Kappel has vastly improved the appearance of thousands of patients who came in reluctant to smile due to dark, chipped, cracked, overlapped, or simply unattractive teeth. In two visits, and today with the FITFIRST© process, the same patient can walk out of our office looking like a celebrity or public figure. These veneers are fabricated, custom designed, and made from extremely thin porcelain, covering only the visible portion of the tooth. To get an idea, think of false fingernails, but for your teeth and long lasting! Dr. Kappel has patients with veneers that were placed in our Brooklyn, NY office over 30 years ago and still look flawless.

As people age, teeth naturally darken, and the elastic collagen in their facial tissues diminish. Due to this lack of elasticity, the result is sagging facial features and that unavoidable tired look. By utilizing porcelain veneers, your facial muscles can remain supported inside the mouth. The end result is that the patient looks like they have had a facelift from a qualified plastic surgeon. These life-alternating procedures have had a transformative effect on countless patients. Smiles and laughter are very contagious, and these patients give off a very positive energy that can be felt by everyone around them.

young smiling woman

How Can Veneers at Beyond Dentistry Help Your Smile?

There has never been a better time to seek the help of Dr. Kappel at Beyond Dentistry Laser Center in Brooklyn, NY when you want or need porcelain veneers. Dr. Kappel is at the forefront of the dental industry with laser-assisted porcelain veneers. His techniques are unmatched by any in the borough, and he will ensure you have a great smile that lasts for many years to come. Lasers assist in much more than just the procedure and you will feel relaxed while in the chair because you’ll feel them doing their job as opposed to old fashioned drills. The whizzing and whirling sounds can make many patients feel uncomfortable and potentially make them avoid getting the procedures they need because of their phobia. At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center, you can relax knowing you are getting the most modern treatments to help you smile more and feel confident about the appearance of your teeth. Here are some of the reasons Brooklynites have trusted Dr. Kappel when pursuing veneers:

  • Wanted brighter teeth
  • Need to enhance the shape
  • Close gaps in teeth
  • Lengthen shorter teeth
  • Restore the edges of worn teeth
  • Widen the display of your smile
  • Protect your existing enamel

What are FITFIRST© Porcelain Veneers?

Dr. Kappel uses the new and innovative process with porcelain veers called FITFIRST©. These veneers can be installed and will give you a new smile within two hours. If you are embarrassed by your smile or feel like your existing teeth could use some improvements, come to Beyond Dentistry Laser Center to get the confidence to smile again. FITFIRST© will help correct the color, size, shape, alignment, and spacing of your current teeth and are resistant to staining that many people experience from smoking or drinking coffee and red wine. You’ll never have to worry about bleaching treatments again!

Don’t worry about wearing temporary veneers anymore, either. You won’t have to suffer any potentially embarrassing moments of your veneers falling out in public or at dinner with a loved one. FITFIRST© is made of a high-quality material that ensures fit, function, and flawless esthetics that will exceed your smile expectations. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the best way to handle these types of dental procedures, and FITFIRST© is it!

Contact Beyond Dentistry When You Need Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Kappel and his professional staff will have you smiling better, straighter, brighter, and with more confidence with FITFIRST© porcelain veneers. Their skilled hands make this procedure quick, efficient, and painless. Our patient-centered care helps patients feel comfortable and taken care of while our modern dental technology helps lessen the traditional concerns of pain when receiving the necessary procedures. Call today or fill out on our online form to get your initial consultation set up with the Beyond Dentistry Laser Center and let us help you smile more today!