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We Don’t Just Do Dentistry, We Change Lives

At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center, we are here to help Brooklyn and other surrounding NY residents treat congenital missing teeth. Our dentist has many years of top-notch professional experience performing simple to complex dental implant procedures and can help you obtain the complete smile you’ve been hoping for. Don’t go another day hiding your smile from the world due to a missing adult tooth. Our team is ready to deliver the solutions you need to leave our office with the smile of your dreams. Please keep reading to learn more about our congenital missing teeth dental implant treatments, or give us a call now to get started today.

What Are Congenital Missing Teeth?

When an adult tooth does not exit after losing your baby tooth, this is called a congenitally missing tooth. Statistically, the incident of being born with a missing tooth (or teeth) happens to nearly 20% of the population. In most cases, the cause of this condition is based on hereditary factors, though it’s best to be evaluated by a professional to ensure underlying genetic disorders aren’t to blame. No matter the reason for your missing tooth, our experienced dental team offers comprehensive treatment to fill any gaps in your smile. We understand that visibly missing teeth as an adult can be embarrassing or impact the way you eat or speak. That’s why we offer patient-focused dental implant services that cater to your unique smile goals.

Providing the Implant Solutions You Need

Contrary to popular belief, implants aren’t just an alternative solution to dentures for seniors. Dental implants are a time-tested, premier dental solution for almost anyone with missing teeth. At our practice, we have years of experience performing dental implant placement for young adults missing one or more of their adult teeth. Most commonly, congenitally missing teeth happen in the front of the mouth along the smile line. Due to this, patients are looking for a long-lasting, affordable, and reliable fix. Our highly-specialized dental team can place the implant and create a custom crown that looks just like the rest of your natural teeth for the most beautiful and seamless results. Though congenital missing teeth implant placement is quite complicated due to the lack of bone that normally surrounds an existing tooth, we have what it takes to enhance your smile with ease.

The Congenitally Missing Tooth Treatment Process

Implants and crowns are known for having the highest success rate when it comes to effectively treating congenitally missing teeth and delivering unrivaled patient satisfaction. Implants are our team’s favorite restorative solution because we are well-versed in the procedure and love watching patients marvel at their new and improved smile line. If you feel like it’s time to improve the appearance and function of your smile, here’s what you can expect:

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  1. Diagnostic Testing – Our team will look at your oral health and overall medical history to determine if you’re the right candidate for a single tooth dental implant. Before we make any steps toward surgery, we will take the time to ensure your gum health, bone quality, and surrounding anatomy are capable of supporting an implant.
  2. Planning Implant Treatment – If you are a suitable candidate, we’ll work with you to determine your unique smile goals. We utilize state-of-the-art computer imaging equipment to give patients a virtual progression of their treatment process so that you can see the finished results before placement.
  3. Placing Your Dental ImplantOur skilled dentist will make a small incision in the gum with a medical grade laser where your adult tooth is missing. The laser stimulates bone growth, reduces pain, swelling, and bleeding. Once incision is made, he will securely fasten the entire one-piece implant in place. The traditional implant method would require you to have a flipper, but our advanced implant process will give you an acrylic stationary crown instead.
  4. Placing Your Implant Crown – After healing process, and after the implant, bone, and gums have melded, we will have you visit our office to have your custom crown fit. This faux tooth will be made and placed to fit seamlessly with the rest of your natural smile. You’ll be excited to show off your new grin!

Call Now to Learn More!

Don’t go another day hiding your smile due to a congenitally missing tooth. The professional dental team at Beyond Dentistry Laser Center is here to give you the solutions you need to feel confident showing off your pearly whites to the world. Call now to get started.

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