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Beauty woman using cotton pad to remove make upNew Year, New You! You want to be your best in every way. It’s important to stay fit, well, and focused on your goals. But what about your dental health? What are some ways to start this year with a healthy mouth and smile?

Beyond Dentistry Laser Center offers five major ways to start 2024 with a healthy smile!

  1. Make Careful Nutrient Choices
    Maintaining good dental health requires careful consideration of the foods we eat. Choosing crunchy fruits and vegetables can be incredibly beneficial for cleaning our teeth, while starchy foods such as bread, chips, and crackers are not the best choices. Additionally, sweet treats should be consumed in moderation as they can negatively impact our dental health. Therefore, it’s recommended to stock up on healthy snacks and cut back on sugar intake to maintain optimal dental health.
  2. Upgrade Your Dental Hygiene Regimen
    This life change can be achieved in several ways.
  • Purchase a New Toothbrush- Maybe you’ve been waiting to switch to an electric toothbrush. Maybe you’ve just had the same old apparatus for too long. Upgrading your toothbrush can be an affordable and easy way to start fresh with your dental hygiene routine.
  • Rediscover Flossing- Switch to a floss that’s easier to use. Maybe you would be more likely to floss if you used floss picks or a water flosser. Treat yourself to the dental products you enjoy.
  • Change up your Mouthwash- Some mouthwashes can actually dry out your mouth. Do a little research. There are some wonderful, hydrating mouthwashes out there that taste great and make your mouth feel fresh and clean, creating a healthy smile.
  1. Drink Enough Water
    Hydration is imperative for a healthy smile. Keeping the flow of saliva in the mouth means keeping a way to break down food particles and clean the teeth throughout your day. Just make sure your choice of hydration isn’t a sugary beverage. Water works wonders!
  2. Quit the Habits that Harm
    If you are someone who uses tobacco in any form, it’s time to stop. Just quit the tobacco. It’s damaging to the teeth and gums. It’s also damaging to the body. If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation. And choose alcohol carefully. White wine is sugary, but red wine has important probiotics that are very beneficial. Make good choices and you will have a healthy smile.
  3. Book Your Next Dentist Appointment Now
    It is far too easy to let those dental appointments pass us by and forget to schedule checkups and cleanings. Everyone should have a dental appointment with a cleaning and check-up every six months. X-rays should be scheduled once a year. If you have dental issues, your dentist may recommend that you have cleanings and check-ups more frequently to maintain that healthy smile.

For the best options in dentistry, the clear choice is Beyond Dentistry Laser Center. We don’t just do dentistry, we change lives. Whether you’re trying to improve your dental care routine, choose the best dental habits, or are ready to book your next appointment, Beyond Dental Laser Center is here for you. Serving patients from all over the country, we offer a range of services including teeth whitening, one-hour implants, gum surgery, and more in the Brooklyn area and beyond. For more information, visit our website or just give us a call at (718) 436-0202.