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Team of happy stomatologists in dentist's clinic

At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center in Brooklyn, we understand how vital it is to have a healthy mouth. From maintaining healthy teeth to preventing gum diseases, oral healthcare plays a significant role in our daily lives. A dental hygienist is an essential member of our dental team who helps us to achieve our goals of overall oral health. Their contributions towards promoting oral hygiene are invaluable, and in this blog post, we will discuss their role and importance.

Preventive Care

One of the most significant roles of a dental hygienist is to promote preventive dental care. They analyze your overall dental health and provide necessary advice and tips to avoid any upcoming dental problems. Dental hygienists educate you about the right techniques of brushing and flossing your teeth, recommend mouthwashes and dental care products and help you understand the benefits of preventive dental care.

Hygiene Maintenance

The role of the dental hygienist is not limited to providing preventive care, but they also help to maintain the hygiene of your mouth. They perform routine dental cleaning procedures, including scaling and polishing teeth, to remove plaque and tartar buildup. They also check for gum diseases, periodontal problems, and identify any anomalies in your dental health to notify the dental specialist.

Oral Cancer Screening

A dental hygienist does not only clean your teeth but also plays a significant role in screening for oral cancer. As a part of the routine dental checkup, the dental hygienist will examine the inside of your mouth, tongue, lips, and neck for any signs of oral cancer. Early detection is crucial to treating oral cancer, and dental hygienists play a crucial role in identifying early signs of oral cancer.

Professional Partnership

Most importantly, a dental hygienist maintains a professional relationship with you and your dental specialist. They ensure that communication regarding dental procedures, care and treatment is consistent between the patient, the dental hygienist and the dental specialist.

Cost-Effective Care

Lastly, the role of a dental hygienist contributes towards cost-effective oral healthcare. Regular dental checkups and cleanings help to prevent the risk of severe oral health problems. Preventive dental care significantly helps in minimizing the overall cost of dental care and procedures.

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The role of the dental hygienist is far more significant and imperative than some people realize. They support the dental specialist in promoting oral hygiene and preventing dental problems. The next time you visit Beyond Dentistry Laser Center for your routine dental checkup, appreciate the essential role of our highly trained and skilled dental hygienist. Their contributions play a crucial role in helping you maintain healthy oral hygiene.

If you have any dental concerns or are looking for teeth cleaning services, schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team at Beyond Dentistry Laser Center today.