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Attachments for electric toothbrushes in Brooklyn NY

Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Proper Oral Care

A lot of people will still use their old toothbrush long after the bristles become sprawled, frayed and bent out of shape. However, in order to maintain optimal dental health and avoid major dental problems, you should make sure to replace your toothbrush regularly. But how often should you replace your toothbrush? Are there any extenuating circumstances? At Beyond Dentistry Laser Center, we want you to have the most accurate information regarding your oral hygiene.

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule for toothbrush replacement dictates that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months. After the 3-month mark, the bristles of your toothbrush will start to break down and be less effective for removing plaque. Of course, this is a general rule and there are always exceptions. For instance, you should replace your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold, as bacteria could linger on the bristles and cause re-infection. You may also have to replace your toothbrush sooner if you don’t care for it properly or don’t store it in a sanitary manner.

Toothbrush Maintenance Tips

How exactly should you be maintaining your toothbrush? If you want your toothbrush to last the full three months, you should be caring for your toothbrush and storing it properly. Here are some helpful toothbrush care and storage tips:

  • Rinse After Every Brush – Be sure to thoroughly rinse the bristles and head of your toothbrush with clean water after every use.
  • Store Upright – As much as possible, store your toothbrush upright with the handle towards the floor and the head toward the ceiling. This will help channel excess water away from the bristles.
  • Don’t Cover – You shouldn’t cover your toothbrush when it’s not in use. The bristles should be allowed to dry thoroughly after every use.

Evaluate Your Toothbrush

In addition to making sure you replace your toothbrush every 3 months, you should also keep an eye on it. If you notice that the bristles are fanned out, frayed or discolored before the 3 month mark, you should still replace it. This is especially true if the bristles have changed colors, as this could be a sign of excess bacterial growth.

Contact Beyond Dentistry Laser Center

If you are ever in doubt about your oral hygiene, come see us here at Beyond Dentistry Laser Center in Brooklyn, NY. Our goal is to maintain and improve your oral health and keep you smiling. Schedule an appointment today!