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What to Expect from Teeth-In-An-Hour_

Smiles are meant to be shared. But missing or damaged teeth can cause some to limit how often they choose to show their natural smile. If you are one of the many that isn’t confident with your natural smile, dental implants can restore the function and appearance of your smile–for good.

Dental implants have grown popular in recent years due to their remarkable ability to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. In the past, the process of receiving dental implants took various appointments, with waiting times between three to six months before dental implants stabilized. What if we told you we can do it quicker than ever before?

Advancements in technology, technique, and science now offer a select few of highly-trained dentists–Beyond Dentistry Laser Center’s Dr. Simon Kappel being one of them–the ability to provide dental implants in an hour. Patients throughout Brooklyn and outside the country take advantage of our elite dental implants in an hour services to get the dental services they need. Read on to learn what you can expect from treatment and the advantages of participating in our no-hassle dental implant process.

How Does the Dental Implants in an Hour Process Work?

If you thought getting dental implants would require multiple office visits, pain, long-healing times, and a prolonged waiting time to achieve your desired results you were consulting the wrong office. Advanced dentistry practices utilize the industry’s best science and tools to get you the best experience possible. Dental implants in an hour are part of our mission to deliver better care and less discomfort in the dental chair. We achieve this goal by offering:

3D Imaging Services

Dental implant surgery is a delicate process. Dr. Kappel knows that precision and care are crucial to the success of your procedure, which we provide with state-of-the-art equipment like 3D imaging and dental lasers. Accuracy will never be compromised with the personalized data 3D imaging gives us of your mouth’s contours.

Breakthrough Laser Dental Technology

The key to our ability to render dental implants in an hour lies in our revolutionary dental laser products. Our laser technology is cutting edge without the cutting! That’s right. Laser technology allows us to bypass traditional incisions in your gum line and mouth making this procedure less invasive, infection-free, and absent of the normal side effects (swelling, bruising, pain).

Gone are the archaic methods of traditional oral surgery. With dental lasers, Dr. Kappel leverages the power of a high-tech fiber-optic delivery system that prepares your gums for the dental implant with soft pulses of targeted light. In laser-free dental implant procedures, the patient’s oral tissues must recover from the trauma of extreme, invasive surgery before the implant can be placed. But with lasers, the entire single-unit implant post can be implanted immediately! No temporary flipper device necessary!

Laser dental implants are the future of tooth replacement in the dental industry–our practice is leaps ahead of the rest!

Leading Dental Implant Units

Your new tooth is a single device composed of three parts: the implant (serves as the root), the post (sits above the gumline), and the crown (affixes to the post and is fabricated just like a natural tooth). The delivery of your dental implant(s) avoids the need for incisions and completes the entire process in just one hour (compared to multiple visits over months with traditional methods/tools.)

What to Expect at Your Brooklyn Dental Implants in an Hour Appointment

In preparation for your dental implants in an hour appointment, we begin with a thorough consultation and digital x-rays to verify you are a candidate for teeth-in-an-hour services. Following this first screening, oral CT scans will be conducted to gather the precise images we need of your mouth for dialed-in results. Our modern computer planning systems render a 3D map of your jaw to further support treatment precision and time efficacy.

Once your surgical plan is sent to our lab, the implants are prepared, placed, and fitted so that you can leave our office with a brilliant and functional smile–in just one hour!

Why Patients Near and Far Choose Laser Dental Implants

The most advanced way to replace missing teeth is with laser dental implants. We use medical-grade lasers at the surgical site, which stimulates bone formation and reduces bleeding/swelling while destroying bacteria during surgery! Some of the amazing benefits of our laser dental implant methods over traditional implant surgeries include:

  • No cutting!
  • No swelling and discomfort
  • One-hour treatment time.
  • Single-unit dental implants that are customized for YOUR mouth.
  • No prolonged recovery times or side effects.

Don’t waste time with multiple appointments at various dental offices. Get all the treatments you need, including the revolutionary one-hour dental implants, by visiting Beyond Dentistry Laser Center. Call our Brooklyn office today at 718-436-0202 to learn more, or schedule your appointment for consultation online. We don’t just do dentistry, we change lives!