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dentist and patient discussion about planned teeth treatment in dental clinic office

Having gaps in your smile puts a damper on your confidence, making you feel self-conscious every time you open your mouth. Missing teeth also affect what foods you can eat. And you may not realize it, but losing an adult tooth can even change the bone structure in your jaw and face over time.

Whether you lost a tooth in a traumatic injury or because of a cavity, you need a cosmetic dentist to restore your confident smile. The most comfortable, natural-looking, and long-lasting solution is to replace your missing tooth or teeth with dental implants. But not all cosmetic dentists offer the same level of treatment. Consider the many ways advanced, one-hour implants at Beyond Dentistry Laser Center are superior to traditional implants.

  • One-hour visit: If you need a new tooth, you can opt for the traditional method if you want. This means getting a surgical implant, waiting six months to have the post and crown installed, and going toothless in the meantime. Or you can come to Beyond Dentistry Laser Center and go home with a brand-new smile in just one hour.
  • Laser technology: The traditional implant process involves making incisions with a scalpel, which damages your soft tissues and takes a long time to heal. Our unique laser technology offers greater control and precision than traditional dental instruments, meaning you get to forgo side effects like swelling, bruising, and pain.
  • Computer imaging: We utilize computer imaging to help plan and execute your dental implant. This technology even allows you to see how the exact results will look, so there are no surprises going into it.
  • One-piece implant: Normally, dental implants involve three separate parts.  However, because our advanced process doesn’t require traumatic surgery, we can install the entire one-piece implant immediately. This is comprised of the implant itself (to replace the tooth root), the post (which emerges from the gum line), and a temporary crown (the portion that resembles a tooth).
  • Shorter recovery period: While you walk out of the office with a natural-looking smile, you’ll need to return one more time once your gums have matured in three to four months to have the permanent crown placed. This is far shorter than the six- to 12-month recovery time required for traditional dental implants.

Beyond Dentistry Laser Center is the right choice for one-hour dental implants in Brooklyn. Our dentist, Dr. Simon Kappel, has 45 years of experience and uses cutting-edge dental technology to ensure precise, comfortable care. He can install a single-tooth implant or replace your entire smile with full-mouth dental implants. Dr. Kappel’s techniques are so rare and unique that patients drive and fly in from throughout the country and around the world to work with him.

Let Beyond Dentistry Laser Center handle every step of the dental implant process to deliver the brand-new smile you’ve been waiting for in minutes, not months! To learn more about our state-of-the-art, one-hour dental implants, please contact us at 718-436-0202 today.